Pilgrims News · Day 20 – We Are BIG RED WORKOUTS – Coach Nordmann June 26, 2020


Week 4/DAY 20 – June 26, 2020 

 LINK:  Day 10 VIDEO on Youtube

Thursday was tough day for the PHS family.  Coach Teall has been an Asst Coach with Coach Nordmann for several years now. Honestly from my perspective as AD, Coach Nordmann and Coach Teall share a lot of similar characteristics. They clearly both have a passion for Track & Field but more importantly they have passion for growing and building high school aged kids.  They know how to make kids believe more and get better. This past spring the Boys Track team was set to have 77 young men on the roster.   I don’t know if that is the largest team Track team we have ever had  but I do know that is approaching about 20% of our boys in the school.  That’s pretty amazing and again testament to Coach Nordmann, Coach Teall and Coach Leneil Himes ability to connect with, care for and inspire young men.

Coach Teall’s loss took precedence yesterday, so we were unable to film day 20.  So we recycled the Day 10 workout with Coach Nordamnn with the Boy’s soccer team.  Thank you for pushing play everyday and journeying with us through the month of June.  We are very hopeful that July will lead us back together as teams and coaches.   Until then work hard to prepare for your season.  We hope to see you very soon PHS family.

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