As we thought about how to honor a man who has given so much to Plymouth High School and Plymouth Community Schools, we landed on sharing the words of some of the PHS grads that span the four decades of service.  Mind you these are just 4 of the hundreds of comments that you see on just one social media sight.   Most of the comments were from former students and athletes who talked about the specific impact that Coach Teall had on his/her life. 

“We lost a great one yesterday — so sad to hear of Coach Teall passing away – huge influence in my life.”   

Pete Bieghler – 88 PHS Grad, ‘87 XC State Champ & Current Girls Track Coach WCHS


“The impact that he had on our community, his students/athletes are immeasurable. I’m so thankful that I had the honor and privilege of his leadership/friendship.”

Rick Stiles‘89 PHS Grad & Current PHS Head Girls Track Coach


“Full of energy and enthusiasm for everything he did! I love Coach Teall. He was always sure to tell me that he knew I was going to make that free throw when we saw each other!….He was truly an amazing man loved by many.”   

Leslie Condon‘07 PHS Grad & Starting PG on the ‘07 State Champion Girls BB Team


“The amount of lives this man touched is amazing. You are truly the man that made the town of Plymouth & PHS Athletics one. You believed in me more than anyone & pushed me to be my best. You never had a down moment & man would you drive me crazy when you made me jump until my legs wouldn’t work anymore. When I got hurt, I would jump again. When I felt like taking a break, you’d jump for me & tell me that if you could do it, then I could do it! I’ve never met someone so selfless & so loving. You were the reason I kept going when I didn’t want to anymore.  I’ll continue to do it for you!! I saw you a couple weeks ago.  I’m so glad even through COVID you gave me a huge hug & a kiss on the cheek. We said “I love you” & off I went on my bike. I didn’t expect anything less, but man I never thought it would be the last. You told Josh & I that you couldn’t wait till we were married & that nothing in this life mattered more than being together & making our #1 priority is the man upstairs. That always rang true in your marriage & relationship with Jesus!! I have no doubt you’re celebrating life in heaven.  I cannot wait for a Coach Teall life lesson & smile again someday! If I have one wish in life it’s to impact & love as many people as you did throughout our time in this temporary home we call Earth.”

Kenzie Quisell –  ‘18 PHS Grad &  High Jumper for Coach Teall

The positive ripple effect of Coach Teall’s life became a tidal wave of love for his family today.  Teachers and coaches(like Coach Teall) who understand their individual WHY & the importance of daily pursuing of loving & building up young people are some of the most influential human beings on this planet.  Honestly, their importance can’t be overstated because these individuals are pouring themselves into literally dozens if not hundreds of kids each and every year.  

The best coaches/teachers are seed planters and Coach Teall was definitely one of those.  He planted the seeds of belief, toughness, grit, determination, teamwork, confidence, humility, confidence, resilience, empathy, compassion and love(to name just a few).  Once the seeds are planted, those coaches/teachers help cultivate those important life skills for just a little while longer with the hopes that those seeds will become amazing fruit someday in their athletes personal & professional lives.   They also hope that those students/athletes positively impact others by PAYING IT FORWARD to the next generation.

If you ever saw Coach Teall coach at a Track meet or coach a Basketball game, these attributes became very visible in a very short amount of time.  He loved sports. He loved coaching.  He loved competing.  But most importantly he loved helping young people achieve more than they thought they could.  He loved touting those he loved and coached. One coach told me just this past year about how Coach Teall had the ability to walk up to one of our best throwers and instantly make him throw 5 feet farther.  His pep talk might include some focus on technical form, but it was mostly about pumping this young man’s brain up with belief that better was possible. 

Thank you Coach Teall for daily modeling passion, tremendous energy, competitive fire and deep care for others. This is why we get into teaching and coaching for a profession. You were just able to sustain it at the highest of levels for 40 plus years, which is simply amazing.  We need more Coach Tealls in the world.  Thank you for running such a STRONG race and most importantly thank you for helping us all run ours just a little better than we thought we could!