Pilgrims News · Day 10 – We Are BIG RED Workouts – Coach Nordmann (June 12, 2020


Week 2/DAY 10 – June 12, 2020 

 LINK:  Day 10 VIDEO on Youtube

Today Coach Nordmann wraps up the week with 4 Rockie Soccer players(Eddie, Mendoza, Adrian Cardona, Ivan Turcios, Ashton Artrip).  Coach always brings great energy and encouragement and these guys are definitely getting into great shape.  Make sure you see how bad they beat Coach Nordmann in the 30 second push up challenge.

Finish the week strong.  We appreciate all of you who continue to push play and grind everyday to get a little better.   Champions really do pay the price when others are not.   Get your run and sprints in too.

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