Pilgrims News · Day 9 – We Are BIG RED Workouts – Coach Whitford (June 11, 2020)


Week 2/DAY 9 – June 11, 2020 

 LINK:  Day 9 VIDEO on Youtube

Today Coach Whitford is back with Junior Volleyball players Maddy Figg and Chloe Holten.  Coach Whitford leads them through the tough T/Th aerobic workout that starts with conditioning and ends with some tough strength building supersets.  To be extraordinary, it takes consistent effort in doing the ordinary exceptionally well.

The fact is most aren’t putting in the time everyday to get better.  They have made excuses on why they can’t or don’t want to work out right now.  YOU WILL GAIN ON EVERYONE WITH THAT KIND OF MINDSET IF YOU PUT IN THE WORK EVERY SINGLE DAY.  If you can get 2 or 3 on your team that adopt that mindset in June, you have chance to have really good season.  If you can get an entire team working with that kind of mindset, you can have a special season.  Who are you when Coach and your teammates are not around?  Can you push play and put in a championship effort when most everyone else is looking for and finding excuses not to?

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