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In this article you will find information on the following items:

  1. 20/21 IHSAA Physical
  2. Final Forms Roll Over
  3. High School Pick Up & Drop Off
  4. 2020 Summer Update 
    1. IHSAA Rules Buildings/Grounds Closed until June 30
    2. IHSAA Cancels Moratorium Week

If you are someone that would rather watch video update, I tried something new this week.  All the information discussed in this article is found in this VIDEOHeads up warning it is 15 minutes long.

20/21 IHSAA Physical 

Recently, the IHSAA ruled on Pre-Participation Physical and Consent forms for the 20/21 school year.  Basically, in effort to ease the burden on the highly taxed medical community as well as easing some of the stress on families for finding time/funds for annual physicals, the IHSAA decided to seek permission from the Committee on Sports Medicine of the Indiana State Medical Association to roll over last year’s physical to count for this year.  After significant vetting and consideration by both parties, it was determined that the rolling over of the 19/20 physical form was a viable option for the 20/21 school year.

So if a student athlete obtained an IHSAA physical and filed it with the school for the 19/20 school year, that physical can now be used for the 20/21 school year.  Any PCSC  parent who wishes to take advantage of this roll over must select this option in a form.  The choice will be included in the Final Forms documents this year. More specific information on this topic can be found in this April 22 IHSAA Release.   If a PCSC parent opts out of the rollover option then a new 20/21 IHSAA Physical must be completed and filed with the schools Athletic Office before any participation (summer training, practices, and competitions) are allowed.

PLEASE NOTE a new 20/21 IHSAA Pre-Participation Physical and Consent Form is required for anyone who did not have a 19/20 IHSAA physical completed and on file with an Indiana school.  So all out of state transfers and ALL incoming 5th graders into Riverside will be required to schedule a physical with a  medical professional who can check and sign off on this form.  

Final Forms Rollover

On Friday May 15, 2020, Final Forms will reset for the 20/21 school year.  All parents whose child wished to participate in PCSC athletics in grades 5-12 must review information and sign off on all forms prior to your child participating.  This process should take A LOT less time than last year as all the 19/20 submitted information is saved and does roll over.  That said, it is critical that you review and update health information that we utilize and share with medical professionals to help in the case of an emergency.  Also all students are required to have up to date insurance.  PCSC provides a very cost effective Accident Insurance option that many utilize to help meet the insurance requirement. Please contact Gwen Kriss (gkriss@plymouth.k12.in.us) for more information about this form.

All High School student athletes (including incoming freshmen) must sign documents within Final Forms.  Freshmen cannot be issued a PCSC based email until the first day of school.   So they have two options for signing their forms (1) using another personal email that the student athlete has or (2) wait (without restriction from participation) until that first day of school to sign those documents.    

High School Pick Up & Drop Off

Thank you for your patience with BSN orders and Locker Contents.  Mr. Condon communicated specifics on a High School plan for Pick Up of personal items and Drop Off HS items.  The days for this pick up/drop off will be Tuesday May 26 and Wednesday May 27.   The schedule is as follows:

Tuesday May 26 

  • 8:00-12:00 AM
  • 5:00-7:00 PM

Wednesday May 27

  • 7:00-9:00 AM
  • 3:00-6:00 PM


PCSC Buildings/Grounds Closed (thru June 30) & Moratorium Cancelled

The IHSAA, in response to Governor Holcomb’s 5 phase plan released on May 1st, released their own guidance/information on expectations for all schools through the month of June.   ALL IHSAA SCHOOLS (public and private) ARE CLOSED THROUGH JUNE 30TH.  The June 30th date is a Tuesday and it falls during the previously IHSAA mandated Moratorium Week (June 28-July 5). 

In light of the entire month of June being no contact period for coaches and student athletes, the IHSAA has decided to waive the Moratorium Week restriction for this year.   So should the current phase in the plan released by the governor remain on its current timeline, schools will be allowed to open their buildings/facilities on July 1. More information will be forthcoming on what the month of July will look like should the current timetable remain in place.  I think it is safe to say that if/when we do return to athletics, alterations to practices and systems will be a necessary precaution to help limit exposure of Covid.   

More specific information is provided in this IHSAA document which was released last week.