Each school year a select group of PHS Athletes are chosen to become Athletic Office Aides.  The student-athletes use their study hall period to help with various tasks that need completed during the school day.

Our student helpers are asked to do various jobs.  It may be as simple as handing out free game tickets for football and basketball games during lunch.

Students also help set up a venue for a game.  In the fall, they help outdoors to set up the Don Kindt Soccerplex for Rockie Soccer games for the boys and girls.  They also help to set up The Rockpile for football games.  Indoor venues like The Rock is used for volleyball games.  They help to set this up for games.

In the winter they help set up for basketball games.  Our gyms will host over 70 basketball games this winter.

They also help with various other jobs such as filling the Coke Machine, Dasani Water Machine, and Powerade Machine.  They may also be ask to help with other odd jobs too like changing a broken net on a rim in one of the gyms.

Our Athletic Staff appreciate our Student-Athlete Office Aides!  We hope they enjoy helping us when ask to do something!

Our Aides for the 1st Semester this year include:

1st Period:  Dylan Gamble, Chloe Holten, Clare Sheedy, and Aubrey Vervynckt

2nd Period:  Elizabeth Bacon, Maddy Figg, and Lauren Rumpler

3rd Period:  Emma Cook and Lindsay Janus

5th Period:  Olivia Horvath, Ellie Jones, and Mason Keller

7th Period:  Tanner Feece and Taylor Delp

8th Period:  Skyler Aker, Hayden Gunter, Sara Hunter, Julia Kinney, and Corrine Rhodes

Lindsay Janus changing a net in the varsity gym.