10 Plymouth Pilgrim/Rockie Athletes participated in the 5th annual Northern Lakes Conference Sportsmanship Summit.  The Summit was held at Grace College in Winona Lake, IN.  The student athletes included Ella Hissong, Clare Sheedy, Dorothy Karris, Marley Houin, Aubrey Vervynckt, Bradey Pittman, Nolan Bales, Drew Harrell, Skyler Aker, and Ivan Turcios.

The summit was lead by Grace College Athletic Direcor Chad Briscoe.  The first session of the three and a half hour gathering included using “IceBreakers” for the 80 student athletes in attendance to get to know one another.  That was followed by Argos native and Warsaw sports radio personality Roger Grossman.  Mr Grossman spoke on social media and how it can harm an individual when not used properly.

The next session was lead once again by Briscoe.  He spoke on Peer Pressure and its effects.  After that several student-athletes from all eight schools volunteered to particpate in “Panel Discussions” which took place in front of the entire group.

The next session included two Grace College athletes speaking on their college experience and other topics. The first student was a Grace senior speaking on overcoming adversity.  The second speaker was a Grace freshman.  He spoke on his experience of being on the IHSAA Student Advisory Committee as a high school junior and senior from Mooresville, IN.

Next up was Dr. Joe Grant.  Dr. Grant is a Sports Psychologist.  He spoke on preparing to participate in an athletic endeavor and mental toughness.  The final session was lead by Chad Briscoe.  He speak on having strong character.

At the conclusion of the conference, the student-athletes were treated to pizza, snacks, and soft drinks.  PHS Athletic Director then treated the PHS athletes to the Warsaw DQ on the way home

Attached are some pictures from our day on the campus of Grace College:

  1.  Sportsmanship Summit Banner
  2. Nolan Bales and Skyler Aker listening to Chad Briscoe
  3. Clare Sheedy and Aubrey Vervynckt smiling for the camera!
  4. Clare Sheedy and Bradey Pittman participating in a panel discussion
  5. Dorothy Karris participating in a panel discussion
  6. Dr. Joe Grant – Sports Psychologist
  7. Ella Hissong exchanging info with a fellow participant
  8. The entire group of student-athletes from the NLC
  9. PHS Student-athletes that participated
  10. Dorothy Karris and Ella Hissong cleaning up
  11. Drew Harrell along with Dorothy and Ella  folding tables at the conclusion of the conference