Plymouth High School was one of the seven sites in Indiana chosen to host one of the annual Principal’s Meetings.  Athletic Directors and Principals met with the IHSAA Commisioners while the Student Athletic Committee (SAC) met with area student-athletes brought by their Principals and Athletic Directors to the meeting.

The commissioners went over several topics with their constituents.  Some of those topics included the new “Mercy Rule” in football, and Sportsmanship.  The Mercy Rule went into effect this year in football.  The rule states that if a team gets up by 35 points or greater, the clock will run continuously throughout the second half.  The only time it would stop would be for a touchdown being scored, an injury on the field, or a team calls a time out.

Sportsmanship is continuing to be a hot topic for the IHSAA.  Each year the IHSAA sends out posters to schools displaying Sportsmanship.  This year the aim is at parents as displayed in the pictures below.

Nearly 100 student-athletes met with three SAC members.  They schooled the student-athletes on some history of the IHSAA and inclusion in sports through the Unified Sports program.

Plymouth High School student-athletes attending included Joe Barron, Kenzie Snyder, Drew Harrell, Tallulah Gault, Clare Sheedy, Dorothy Karris, Ivan Turcios, and Ellie Jones.