The summer workout season is going on at PHS!!  As soon as school was out last week, our PHS Coaches started their summer conditioning programs and workouts.  Workouts involve weight lifting, conditioning, specific skill development, and scrimmaging.

Every sport at Plymouth has some type of summer program going on that involves our youth programs.  This includes camps for kids in elementary school, intermediate school, and junior high age student-athletes.  We also have several weight lifting sessions scheduled during the week for our high school athletes to involve themselves with.

The summer is where a student-athlete takes advantage of a facility to really become a better athlete.  This is the time when an athlete gets stronger and improves their sport specific skills.

The opportunities are there for every PHS student-athlete.  Many times during the school year a parent will say to me, “How is my son/daughter supposed to get better?”  My response is always to take advantage of the off season.  There are many opportunities…USE THEM!!

Pictured Below:  Summer programs taking advantage of our facilities to become stronger and develop sport specific skills.