For your offering today are two team pictures from the Rockie Football team and one from the Plymouth Track team. The 1953 Rockie Football team is pictured below.  They finished their fall season with a record of 6-1-1.  The Head Coach of the Rockies was Art Thomas.

Front Row (L-R):  Botset, Retzenthaler, Snyder, Bolinger, Hartung, Barnes, Brown, Mart, Lattimer, Eads, Wakeland, Zeider.

2nd Row(L-R):  Wright, Yates, Gross, Mann, Grant, Connell, Legge, Marks, Locker, Brown, Embarger, Allis, Wilson, Ballenbacker

3rd Row (L-R):  Coach Thomas, Asst Coach Kehoe, Houghton, Long, Hughes, McKesson, Bowen, Kezer, Knepper, Clough, Drake, Hiss, Asst Coach Lattimer

4th Row (L-R):  Rockaway, Smith, Yates, Short, Rudd, Kring, Orr, Zartman, Kain, Bolinger, Spindler, Batla

Next is the 1950 Plymouth Track Team.  They went 6-1 in dual meets. They finished 4th in the Goshen Relays and 3rd in the Kokomo Relays.  They finished 2nd in the CIC and they won the IHSAA Track Sectional in 1950.  They set two school records during the year.  Gene Bradley set the long jump record with a leap of 21′ 8 1/2″.  The Mile Relay team of Armington, Helvey, Vancza, and Zeider ran a 3:39.3 to break the previous record.

1st Row (L-R):  Shorter, Mitchell, Lingle, Hillabrand, Listenberger, Dimmitt, White

2nd Row (L-R):  Beiter, Harris, McAvoy, Stevens Berkey, Wing, Adams, Rockaway, Langfeldt, Powell, Jeffirs

3rd Row (L-R):  Davis, Couts, Knepper, Relos, Zeider, Marks, Strong, Pomeroy, Cramer, Zeider, Xaver

4th Row (L-R):  Hillabrand, Mikalas, McCan, McConnell, Lindecker, Wenino, Armington, Miller, Bradley, Drake