The Plymouth Pilgrim Basketball season came to an end Friday night at Northside Gym in Elkhart.  A brilliant effort left the Pilgrims one point short as they fell to Northridge 58-57.

The Pilgrims opened the game hot as senior Tim Tremaine was 3-3 from the field including two three pointers.  The Pilgrims took a 17-12 lead at the end of the first period.  One problem that was starting to develop early was Northridge’s dominance on the offensive boards.  They picked up three of them in the first quarter converting two of them for baskets.

The Pilgrims continued their offensive prowess as Jake Reichard, Adam Hunter, and Tremaine each sniped the net for a three pointer and the Pilgrims took a 28-23 halftime lead into the locker room.  The offensive rebounding for Northridge continued to bother the Pilgrims.  The Raiders picked up six of their 11 second quarter points on put back buckets.

The third quarter was the back breaker for the Pilgrims as five turnovers by the Pilgrims resulted in the Raiders and the Pilgrims tied at 40 heading into the final eight minutes.  Clay Hilliard and Hunter each added a three  to keep the Pilgrims on track in the contest.  The Pilgrims also limited Northridge to only one offensive rebound in the quarter.

The Pilgrims battled to the end of the game as Jake Reichard hit a “3” with over two seconds remaining in the contest bringing the Pilgrims to within a point at 58-57.  Coach Ryan Bales immediately called a time out but it was not granted as time ran out on the 2018-2019  season.

Hilliard and Reichard lead the Pilgrim effort with 14 points each.  Tremaine added a career high 11 points while Cole Filson added 10 points, five rebounds, and five assists.

The Pilgrims finished their season with a 15-9 record.  The Pilgrims also say good-bye to seniors Clay Hilliard, Bryce Carmichael, Cole Filson, and Tim Tremaine.