We have three weeks of school remaining until Spring Break hits PHS.  Spring Break for PHS students runs from the end of the day Friday, 3/22/19 thru Sunday, 4/7/19.  Students come back starting Monday, 4/8/19.  This is a reminder as to what athletics does with this two week vacation away from school.

The spring season is the shortest of the three seasons for athletics.  If athletics were to take the entire two weeks off, we would lose much practice and competition in the process.  We leave it entirely up to our coaches as to how much time they give off to our athletes.  Our recommendation to our coaches is to give our student-athletes some time off during the first week of break.   But we are back at it full time during the second week of vacation.  We have several scheduled competitions with schools in baseball, softball, boys and girls track, tennis, and golf.

If you have any questions about practices or scheduled competitions, please contact your head coach or the PHS Athletic Office.  The PHS Athletic Office will be closed during the first week of Spring Break.