Here are two more photos from the historical files of the Plymouth High School Athletic Department.  The first photo shows the 1951 Lincoln High School Track Team:

1st Row:  J Felke, L Hatfield, D Hall, G Keller, B Raleston, and C Anders

2nd Row:  B Short, G Lengle, L Yates, L Price, J Cook, B Brown, D Pearson, and T Rudd

3rd Row:  D Zeider, F Stockman, B McQueen, L Gray, J Abell, G Green, C Mitchell, and G Hillabrand

4th Row:  D Davis, D Rockaway, D Florian, D Dimmitt, K Ronnells, J Xaver, D Port, and B Butler


The next picture shows the Lincoln High School Basketball team.  It does not have a year or any of the player names on it.  Maybe some our our readers can help us out.  Here is the picture:

Is this Coach Maurice Davis (1954-1957) or Coach Bob Wolfe (1951-1954)?  Or is it someone else before these coaches?  It appears to me to be late 1940’s or early 1950’s.  If you can help us out, please email me at jscott@plymouth.k12.in.us or call our office 574-936-3215.