Each year the Plymouth High School Athletic Office selects students to help with athletic projects  during an assigned study hall they may have in their daily schedule.  The students that are chosen are ones that have a strong interest in athletics.  We also look for students that do well academically. It has been shown there is a strong correlation between athletics and academic wellness.

Our 19 Athletic Office Aides we have during the first semester at PHS this year include two seniors, three juniors, five sophomores, and nine freshmen.  The combined GPA of these 19 student-athletes is 3.48/4.00.  Four of these student-athletes have a GPA of 4.00.  As a group, these student-athletes participate in baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, gymnastics, soccer, swimming, tennis, track, volleyball, and wrestling.  Most of them also participate in club activities.

These Athletic Office Aides are asked to do various jobs during there 50 minutes they spend with us each day.  During the fall season, they helped to set up various events for after school competition.  This includes setting up the soccer fields for games, preparing the football field for competition, readying the football press box for games, and setting up the varsity and auxiliary gyms for volleyball games.

During the winter months, they will continue to help setting up venues for competition.  This includes setting up in the varsity and auxiliary gyms and the multi-purpose room.

Other jobs they may have include delivering notes and picking up mail, filling up the water and soda machines, and helping to clean up after events have been completed.  There are also times when there are no jobs to do and the Athletic Office Aides use the 50 minutes as a study hall.

Pictured below are photos of our Athletic Office Aides each period:

1st Period:  Lizzie Bacon and Madison Smith      2nd Period:  Kacee Peters and Bennett Christy    3rd Period:  Nic Bagley

5th Period:  Aubrey Vervynckt, Owen Bockman, and Claudia Marohn   6th Period:  Emma Cook, Lauren Rumpler, and Skyler Aker

7th Period:  Mason Keller, Ella Hissong, Kendall Himes  8th Period:  Tanner Feece, Easton Mann, Clare Sheedy, Sara Hunter, Kenzie De Jarnatt