The Indiana High School Athletic Association held their annual Fall Principal’s Meeting at Plymouth High School Tuesday morning.  This is one of the six meetings held around the State of Indiana that the 400+ schools need to attend.  Plymouth High School welcomed approximately 70 schools yesterday morning.  IHSAA Commisioner Bobby Cox and his Asst. Commissioners were present to review several items including rule changes that have taken place.

Another event takes place simultaneously which features student athletes.  Each school attending had the opportunity to bring with them student athletes to take part in a workshop that features the history of the IHSAA and opportunities the IHSAA offers their student athletes.

Cece Robinson, a senior at PHS, helped conduct the student athlete portion of the event.  Cece is a member of the IHSAA Student Advisory committee.  18 juniors and seniors around the State of Indiana make up this committee.  Cece was nominated for this position and had to go through a series of interviews before being selected for this prestigious position.

Student athletes attending from Plymouth included Alaina Clady, Olive Stanton, Aubrey Vervynckt, Tanner Feece, Olivia Newcomb, Ann Anders, Ava LoMagro, and Tanner Feece.