The Indiana High School Athletic Association has made changes to their “Open Facility Participation Rule” that has been in place for many years.  The former participation rule stated, “the coaching staff may offer instruction and work directly with a maximum of TWO athletes at a time in team sports.”

The new participation rule states that “Out of Season Team Sports may have a Limited Contact Program in place.  Coaches can schedule/work directly with student/athletes a maximum of two days per week for two hours each.  During the fall, winter, and spring, each out-of-season sport will have a participation time when they may do this.  Here are the seasons:

FALL PARTICIPATION SEASON:  8/27/18 – 10/13/18   Out of Season Team Sports that may use this period include Baseball, Basketball, and Softball.

WINTER PARTICIPATION SEASON:  12/3/18 – 2/2/19   Out of Season Team Sports that may use this period include Baseball, Football, Soccer, Softball, and Volleyball.

SPRING PARTICIPATION SEASON:  4/1/19 – 5/11/19   Out of Season Team Sports that may use this period include Basketball, Football, Soccer, and Volleyball.

Listed below are the Practice Start Dates for every sport during the 2018-2019 School Year:

GIRLS                                                BOYS

Golf – 7/27/18                                       Tennis – 7/30/18

Cross Country – 7/30/18                     Cross Country – 7/30/18

Soccer – 7/30/18                                    Soccer – 7/30/18

Volleyball – 7/30/18                             Football – 7/30/18

Basketball – 10/15/18                          Wrestling – 10/29/18

Swimming – 10/22/18                         Swimming – 11/5/18

Gymnastics – 11/19/18                        Basketball – 11/5/18

Track/Field – 2/11/19                         Track/Field – 2/11/19

Softball:  3/5/19                                  Baseball – 3/11/19

Tennis – 3/11/19                                  Golf – 3/11/19