The Plymouth Pilgrim Boy’s Track team was well represented Saturday at the IHSAA State Track Meet.  It was held on the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington.

Senior Sam Tanner represented the Pilgrims in both hurdle races.  He finished 25th out of 27 competitors in the high hurdle race.  Sam also competed in the 300 meter low hurdles.

Senior Nathan Patterson finished his track and field career competing for the Pilgrims in the long jump and high jump.  He finished 7th in the long jump competition.

Patterson then competed in his specialty…the high jump!  He was the 2017 high jump champion, and he obviously came in to defend his title.  He also wanted to break the State Record for the finals.  Nate started jumping at 6-8.  This was after most of the competitors had already been knocked out.  The last competitor still jumping with Nate cleared 6-10 but failed to clear 7-0 which Nate did on his first attempt.

Next on his list of things to do was to break the State Meet Record which was held by three different jumpers at 7-1 1/4.  It took him two opportunities but he eventually did break that record going 7-2.

Next up was the All-Time Indiana High Jump record which he got last week in the Regional when he went 7-3 1/2 at Warsaw.  The officials set the bar at 7-4.  He barely missed on his first attempt at 7-4.  He then made his second attempt at the All-Time record for the State High Jump in front of a huge live crowd in the stadium and on internet TV.  Nate did not disappoint as he cleared 7-4 and broke the record!

Nate had one more goal on his mind before finishing his high school career.  The All-Time record for the high jump for a high school athlete in the United States was 7-6 1/4.  Nate wanted a shot at it.  The officials set the bar at the required height to tie the record.  Nate attempted it three times but did not clear it.

Nate finished the meet scoring 13 points for the Pilgrims which was good enough for 15th place in the team scoring of the State Meet.  70 total schools scored points in the meet.

Nate will now take his talents to California as he has committed the next four years to the University of Southern California.

Pic #1  Sam Tanner before the start of his high hurdle race

Pic #2 Tanner coming around the curve of his low hurdle race

Pic #3  Nate Patterson clearing 7-4 and breaking the State Meet record!

Pic #4  Patterson on the victory stand and receiving his high jump 1st place medal