The Plymouth Rockies Wrestling team hosted their final NLC match of the year Thursday night at The Rock.  The Rockies battled through 14 matches and tied Concord 31-31.  When a tie occurs, there are several criteria you might have to go through until a winner is declared.  They had to go through eight different criteria to find a winner.  The 8th criteria tie-breaker involved which team scored first in the 14 different matches.  Because the Rockies did more often than Concord, the Rockies were declared the winner!

Winning by pin for the Rockies were Zane DeVault, Graham Calhoun, and Kendall Himes.  The Calhoun match was a key one for the Rockies because they trailed 33-27 against Concord going into the last match of the night.  Graham had to pin his opponent to at least gain a tie which he did in 4:25.

Winning by Major Decision was Gavin Banks at 145 lbs.  This ended up being a key point also.  Gavin was leading the match 11-2 with the Concord wrestler on top.  Gavin fashioned an escape as time expired gaining the 10 point lead and the Major Decision extra team point.

Winning by decision for the Rockies were Jordan Howard, Sam Stayton, and Nate LaFree.

The win moves the Rockies to 4-3 in the NLC and 18-11 on the season.  Next up is the NLC tournament at Northwood next week on Saturday.  First round competition begins at 9:00 AM.