The Plymouth swim teams participated in the Culver Academy Swim Relays this past Saturday.  Six teams on the girls and boys side each competed.

The girls finished in 3rd place behind CGA and Bremen scoring 68 points.  The boys finished in 4th place behind CMA, Bremen, and Tippy Valley scoring 56 points.

PHS Women Swim team Members placing 3rd Place or higher:

  1.  Graci Holm – One 2nd and two 3rd’s   2.  Ava LoMagro – Two 2nd’s and one 3rd   3.  Leah Smith – 3 2nd’s   4.  Summer Smith – Two 3rd’s   5.  Paige Young – Two 2nd’s   6.  Elizabeth Bacon – 2nd place and 3rd place   7.  Emily Cochern – 2nd place and 3rd place   8.  Rachel Jacobs – 2nd place and 3rd place   9.  Viktoria Vancza – Two 3rd place   10.  Raven Gritton – 2nd place   11.  Sophia Smith – 3rd place   12.  Maggie Bradway – 3rd place   13.  Tristen Pearson – 3rd place in Diving

PHS Men’s Swim Team Members place 3rd place or Higher:

1.  Alex Vancza – One 1st place and one 3rd place   2.  Cam Riddle – One 1st place and one 3rd place   3.  Hugh Smith – Two 3rd places  4.  Kirk Hettich – Two 3rd places   5.  Daniel Stauffer – One 1st place   6.  Gavin Hartle – One 1st place   7.  Justin Cartwright – 3rd place   8.  Korey Kopetski – 3rd place   9.  Justin Moser – 3rd place in diving