Multiple Teams · PLYMOUTH ATHLETIC HISTORIC PHOTOS: Boy’s Basketball 1944-45 and Boy’s Track 1943

Included here are two team photos from the annuls of Plymouth High School Athletics:


This is a photo of the 1944-45 Plymouth Pilgrim Boy’s Basketball team.

1st Row (L-R)  Jerry McCan, Manager Smith, Rodger Grossman

2nd Row (L-R) Bill Myers, Jacque Menser, Harley Menser, Jim Clevenger, Fred Kehoe

3rd Row:  (L-R) Jim Drubert, Paul Rullman, Henry Butler, Bill Crocker, Vic Stockman

The Pilgrims were led by 3rd year Coach Art Thomas.  They finished the year with a 17-7 record.  The Pilgrims lost to Culver three times during the year.  Regular season 37-31, Championship Game of the Marshall County tourney 25-20, and Sectional Championship game 40-39.

The starting five included Jim Drubert (10.8 PPG), Paul Rullman (7.8 PPG), Harley Menser (6.4 PPG), Jim Clevenger (5.8 PPG), and Henry Butler (4.5 PPG).


Also included here is a picture of the 1943 Plymouth Boy’s Track team coach by Art Thomas.

1st Row (L-R) Mgr Smith, Harsh, Jones, Smith, Stockman, Kehoe, Myers, W Dodson, Sherman, Mgr Feltz

2nd Row (L-R) Grossman, Livinghouse, Kubley, McKee, Wickey, Rohrer, Jim Drubert, Edwards, Reaker, Clevenger, Coach Thomas

3rd Row (L-R) Stockman, Flory, K Dodson, Butler, E Dodson, John Drubert, Wenino, Becknell, Chipman, Rullman