A new policy will go into effect at Plymouth High School this spring concerning supplements students in the past have been able to use.  Products used for body building or energy boosters are no longer going to be allowed at PHS.  These products have been deemed unsafe and are no longer going to be visible at Plymouth at any level.

Products like 5-Hour Energy Drinks and products that contain creatine are some of the examples of these products that are no longer going to be allowed.  The new policy will be part of the student handbook.

Dr. Tod Stillson, and our PHS Athletic Trainers Ryan Carroll and Primmer Zook, have worked hard to write the new policy.  Dr. Stillson has been part of an on-going education process with our coaches and our school board in letting the public know about the dangers associated with these supplements.  Dr. Stillson will also present this program at our first PHS Athletic Fall Meet the Teams Night on Tuesday, 8/8/17.

Dr. Stillson recently viewed a PBS Special on Supplements, and has recommended it for viewing.  The program has been added here: