Multiple Teams · PLYMOUTH ATHLETIC HISTORIC PHOTOS: 1947 Rockies and the 1950-51 Pilgrims


Pictured above is the 1947 edition of the Plymouth Rockies:

1st Row (L – R):  C Drake, R Lacher, R Duwelius, J Kubley, C Melangton,   Wenino, D Morris, J Helvey, W Gooch, C Creighbaum, R Hunt, B Wright, W Weedling, and D Davis

2nd Row (L – R): Coach Art Thomas, R McCan, R Pentelow, H Voss, J Wenino, C Harris, G Xaver, C McConnell, P Harris, D Grossman, D Peterson, J Beabout, D Smith, Mgr Frushour

3rd Row (L – R):  B Nickel, M Rettinger, J Dickson, D Thomas, J Armington, V Snoke, D Aker, J McCann, G Brown, C Hickman, J Read

4th Row (L – R):  E Ruff, D Servis, S Nagy, H Menser, L Hawkins, M Smith, R Silvernail, J Cox, K Horn, R Harris, R Poor, B Walker

The 1947 team were Conference Champs.  They finished the year with a 7-1 record.

Plymouth 27  Warsaw 0

Plymouth 41  Monticello 0

Plymouth 32  Alexandria 0

Plymouth 32  Crown Point 0

Plymouth 32  Wabash 28

John Adams 13  Plymouth 7

Plymouth 43  Columbia City 0

Plymouth 35  Huntington 13


Pictured above is the 1950-51 edition of the Plymouth Pilgrim Basketball Team.

1st Row (L – R):  F Stockman, J Abell, Dennis Maxson, D Kring, Jim Roush, Duane Florian, Phil Garrison

2nd Row (L – R):  Coach Cecil Polk, Jon Kubley, Dave Scheetz, Jerry Helvey, Cliff Zeider, Leroy McLaughlin, Mgr Bob Beiter

The Pilgrims finished the year with an 8-12 record.

Plymouth 56  Warsaw 38

Plymouth 56  Alexandria 45

Plymouth 63  Mishawaka 62

Elwood 69  Plymouth 48

Peru 52  Plymouth 46

Plymouth 55 Tipton 32

Muncie Burris 65  Plymouth 51

Culver 46  Plymouth 42

Plymouth 51  Monticello 41

Plymouth 48  Rochester 33

SB Adams 48  Plymouth 40

Plymouth 55 Bremen 31

Lapaz 69  Plymouth 58

Nappanee 40  Plymouth 39

Washington-Clay  55  Plymouth 48

Wabash 66 Plymouth 48

Rochester 56  Plymouth 47

Plymouth 57  Warsaw 53

Huntington 44  Plymouth 41

Sectional:  Argos 55  Plymouth 50 (OT)

Junior Dave Scheetz was the leading scorer on the team popping for 16 PPG.  He was followed by junior Cliff Zeider at 8.7 PPG, senior Jon Kubley at 7.3 PPG, and senior Jerry Helvey at 6.1 PPG.