The IHSAA has released their classification numbers for the 2015-16 and 2016-17 seasons.  The Plymouth High School enrollment number rose to 1120 students since the last classification.  We are the 94th largest high school in the State of Indiana.  Two years ago we were the 98th largest school in the State.  Four years ago we were the 104th largest school in the State. There are a total of 403 high schools that have been classified by enrollment for the next two years.

Plymouth will remain the same classification in all team sports as they were the previous two years.  That means the team sports of boy’s basketball, girl’s basketball, volleyball, baseball and softball will all remain in 4A in the four class system.  Football will also remain in 4A in the six class system.  Boy’s soccer and girl’s soccer will remain in 2A in the two class system.

Sectional classifications will be published NO earlier than 5/4/15 by the IHSAA.