We hope our Plymouth High School Athletics Family has a safe and restful spring break starting today at 2:45.  When we get back, we hope our spring sports teams finish the year strong.  Here is how the NLC is shaping up heading into its final season:

GIRLS                                                                        BOYS

1.  Warsaw               74                                              1.  Warsaw                   81

2.  Northridge           63                                              2.  Northridge               79

3.  Goshen               57                                              3.  Goshen                   74

4.  Concord              53                                              4.  Plymouth                 65

5.  Plymouth             49                                             5.  Elk Memorial            62

6.  Northwood           48                                             6.  Northwood               55

7.  Wawasee             46                                             7.  Concord                   52

8.  Elk Memorial        42                                             8.  Wawasee                 36

Our annual Spring Sports Card fundraiser will start immediately after Spring Break.  We will have a meeting with our spring sports athletes on Monday, 3/30/15 and give them the needed information.  The FINAL PUSH for these cards will be Saturday, 4/4/15 from 9:30-12:00 that morning.

Our Spring Picture Night will be Monday, 4/6/15 at 6:00 PM in the auditorium.

Our softball and baseball teams will both scrimmage on 4/1/15 at 4:45.  The softball team will scrimmage Argos while the baseball team will play Culver.

Please come out and support all our spring athletes.  They enjoy performing in front of large crowds!!  They will appreciate it!!

Our athletic office will be closed during spring break.  We will re-open Monday, 3/30/15.